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2005 Toyota Camry rear end thumps loudly

Loud thumping noise from rear end when driving over speed bumps. also rear end seems to sway from one side to the other when going over speed bumps or large potholes. thx

Seriously Ed , this is something that could break at the worst possible time . It sounds like a broken strut but why do you not have this in a shop .

I’m going to say it sounds like a bad strut. Considering the important role the strut plays in the integrity and stability of your particular rear suspension design I wouldn’t wait to get that taken care of. It’s not only a safety issue at this point but it could end up costing you a lot more money if not the vehicle if you do.

Can someone please explain why nearly every poster from the “Ask Someone Who Owns One” section never actually “Ask” anything :question: After all ASK is in the title. Maybe the powers that be should consider renaming the site “Tell Anyone Who Might Bother To Read This” Or just re-instate the “Random Rants” section.


Same reason you just ended a question with a period instead of a question mark. It’s the opposite of “Jeopardy” where you ask a question in the form of a statement.

Ok you got me. My keyboard has keys that don’t work I fixed it. OK :question:

“Ask someone”. Needs to be upgraded requiring all the usually: make/year/engine/CEL status, etc.
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