2005 Camry bumper fix/replacement

Don’t know much about cars so I need some help! Car got into a single car accident (wall) and now the front left bumper is damaged. The hood looks like it popped up a little and the bumper is out of place. There is a little gap now on the front right light as well. Looking at the pictures can I get the bumper/lights/hood pushed back into place or do I need to do more extensive repairs? Any guesses as to how much it would cost? Would the dealer do it or should I try and yelp/google a mechanic in the area to help?

It is a 2005 Toyota Camry with around 110,000 miles on it. Lately we’ve had to sink quite a bit of money into the car replacing tires and fixing the water pump. It still drives fine so is this something I could just leave as long as I’m OK with it looking like that? Do I need to worry about rain? I’d rather not put more money into this car if I don’t have to. How much might this hurt the resale value (assuming the damage is all cosmetic)

“Lately we’ve had to sink quite a bit of money into the car replacing tires and fixing the water pump.”

Tires are maintenance

Waterpumps are one of the most common repairs on all cars, and at 110K, it’s not totally unexpected

“How much might this hurt the resale value?”

Quite a bit, I’d say

You’re better off getting it fixed professionally BEFORE putting the car up for sale

I’ve fixed worse.

The hood can be tweaked so it fits again.

The bumper is going have to be removed so the impact damper can be replaced on the left side. Then the bumper cover is going to have to be reshaped with a heat gun.


You really need to get a body shop to look this over. In the interim, you might look at the fit between the rear of the front fenders and the leading edges of the front doors; comparing the gaps, etc.

If the driver’s side fit is pretty tight that makes having it examined closely even more critical and yes, leaving it as is will sink the selling price. Even if the damage turns out to be benign a prospective buyer may not think so.

Looks like only minor damage. I think this can be fixed w/out too much trouble. Don’t use the dealership for this unless for some reason the car remains under some form of dealership warranty. Instead, get some estimates from 2 or 3 recommended local inde body shops. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you have no other recommendations, your insurance agent might could recommend good local shops to use.

Definitley get this fixed. Otherwise you are risking the hood coming up while driving which is very unsafe. And water getting into the light fixutures, corroding the connectors, and the engine compartment.