Intermittent whining noises on front end

Sounds like an old police car siren but only about 10 % of my driving time and usually late evening hours

has anyone run into this and how did you solve the problem

@tony t, give us the year, make and model of the vehicle along with its mileage and some general idea of the state of basic maintenance (beyond just oil changes). Also try to be more descriptive about when the noise occurs. E.g. is it associated with idle, acceleration, turning, braking…etc.

YES!!! our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan does this. We keep it maintained with an annual visit to our mechanic and regular oil changes. It primarily happens when it is hot and it occurs upon acceleration. It has about 120,000 miles and it started making this noise 2 years ago. We drive long distances, frequently in hot weather. The longer we drive/hotter it is, the worse the noise. We have not solved the problem as the mechanic hasn’t “heard” the noise yet - it has not be hot enough. Any ideas appreciated.

There are a number of noises possible on these vehicles, I’ll guess the noise that you have sounds like the power steering fluid is low.

There is a screen/filter inside the power steering reservoir, when it becomes dirty and restricted the pump will be starved of fluid and be noisy. The reservoir is inexpensive, replace it.