Honk if you're turning left!



I have a 1991 CRX Si. 242,000 miles on it, and she runs like a dream. Just recently, it has had but one issue. ALMOST EVERY TIME I TURN LEFT, AT ABOUT 1/4 TURN OF THE WHEEL, THE HORN HONKS! It seems like somehting I shoould be able to remedy myself, but I don’t know how to get into the steering wheel to see what is loose in there. I can hear something moving around that never used to when I turn left and then turn the wheel back to center. Any information would be much appreciated.

I looked for info online, but I just get a whole lot of parts dealers. Please help!


Likely the clockspring is loose or broken under the air bag.

Unless you know how to disable an airbag safely, I suggest you find someone who does.


Believe it or not, I had that problem with my 1960 Morris Minor but only when I turned right. I pulled the steering wheel and the horn plate under the wheel was grounding out on the steering column. A little electrical tape fixed it, but someone will have to pull the wheel and replace the horn switch or whatever.


I don’t think this car has an airbag. It is a 1991. You’ll probably need a steering wheel puller. The center section of the steering wheel will come off with two or three screws on the back of the wheel in the spokes. Then, the wheel can be pulled off with the removal of the center nut, and using a puller with the threaded holes on either side of the center shaft. Once the wheel is off, you can get to the horn connection and multi-function switch. If something is broken, loose, or frayed, it should be easy to spot.