Honda with doors that swivel up instead of swinging out?

I live in a small mountain village in the Central HIghlands of Mexico. I am the “go-to” Facebook person for Mexicans from this village living in the USA. If they get on my page they are instantly in contact with most of the Facebook people in this village. It took me a while to figure this out. I kept wondering why people I never heard of were asking to be on my Face.

Anyway, a woman living in California posted a picture of herself with a car, with mountains in the background.

The front of the car has the H for Honda symbol on the front. So, I conclude it is either a Honda or someone is trying to disguise something else as a Honda.

The unique thing about it is the doors do not swing out like a normal car.They swivel up towards the front of the car, like some horribly expensive cars the rich guys buy.

I asked her if the cops were looking for her. She said it is actually a very old car. In fact she said it is older than its owner but does not claim to be the owner.

Has anyone ever seen a Honda with doors that swivel up rather than swinging out in normal fashion? That is a new one on me.

I’ve seen several of these cars at car shows in all makes. People tend to do this modification on show cars but the modification can be made to any vehicle. Can you post the picture here? BTW…I recently saw an early 50’s Chevy pickup at my local hardware store. It was a “rat rod” with suicide doors. The owner said it bought it with “gull wing” type doors but kept banging his head so he went to the suicide door concept instead.

These doors are called “dihedral” doors. A dihedral in mathematics is an angle created by the intersection of two planes. Ferrari uses dihedral doors on their new hypercar.

Used for advantage, dihedral doors are great. Normally only the young and limber can get in and out of sports cars without having an ambulance standing by… or a chiropractor for those who like back-crackers. The way Ferrari used them, they take with them part of the roof, affording easy entry and egress in a very low sports car with high, wide sills. The old “gull wing” doors on the old classic Mercedes did the same thing, however the dihedral doors get the door out of the way better than gullwing doors.

The key IMHO is the opening of part of the roof. I’ve always wondered why nobody ever tried making dihedral doors with removable tinted panels on the roof portion of the door so it could be opened up like the old T-tops. That would really be cool.

NOTE: there are dihedral door kits that can be installed on regular doors, but since they in no way improve access or egress IMHO they’re a waste. Just a gimmick for kids to “trick out” their cars with.

Yep, custom doors. Saw them on a '96 Caprice a few years ago.

I need to offer a clarification. The doors that simply swivel up are called “scissor doors”. And they’re just custom gimmicks. Lambo uses them on their cars, but I can’t think of any other manufacturer that does. I think they’re a waste.

@“the same mountainbike” Koenigsegg uses a center-hinged version of scissor doors, but we’re not likely to ever see them in person as those things make Lamborghinis look common. :wink:

I sorta agree that they’re a waste, but then everything about a supercar is a waste so they’re in good company.

No Koenigsegg dealers in my neighborhood. I guess I’ll never see one unless I take a trip to Sweden.

I recently read a list of all the recalls by manufacturer, listed by number of recalls. Koenigsegg was on the list at the very bottom. They had 1 recall involving 1 car. I don’t recall the details.

Ohh yeah, I remember reading a funny article about that. It was something about a minor TPMS fault that you’d almost never run into in practice.

Neat cars though. Almost makes me want to be stinkin’ rich :wink:

Naw. I have other reasons to want to be stinkin’ rich. Money can’t buy happiness, but it gets you… oh, never mind.

Money gets you that Bentley Gontinental GT you want when your ship comes in. The great times in it with your friends will bring you happiness. Of course, great times in your tC with friends will make you happy too…

I’m already happy. But the Bentley would be nice too.

Actually, what I’d do if I suddenly became stinkin’ rich is buy some land on the ocean in a nicer climate and have a nice big handicapped-accessible house built with a garage four wide by two deep with a lift in it and a dedicated 220 line for a welder. Then I’d start really planning my hot rod. Think of how happy I could be with my friends in a restored Phaeton from the early '30s (my favorite vintage).

Yup, I’d probably get the Bentley too. A cabriolet.

Hmm. I wonder what the car is. Maybe it’s a modified car.

Okay, I am sure from what you tell me that it is a modified Honda with the door kit. Makes sense. These are people from Mexico, and they do strange things like jack cars way up, if you older folks remember that. Or, is it drop them way down, I forget.

The picture includes a person and so I am not sure of ethics of posting what may be a private photo on another board. But, it makes sense if such door kits exist that is what it is all about. Thanks! I am satisfied! Learn something new every day.

The door kit is mainly a different hinge, just need to take the door off and spend some time adjusting the new hinge to work right, somewhat common around here but it’s mainly for looks than for any practical reason.

Take your pick.

Sure it’s for looks, not for practical reasons. But, I can tell you, where I live such a door would get a lot of attention. Hee, hee.

It seems like it would take a lot of force to open such a door, since the weight would have to go up, unless I am missing something. For example, the hinge might be at a balance point so it would only be moving mass around, not raising it up.

Well, in any case, I think I’ll pass. Thanks for the help.

I’m sure there’s a counter spring for the door weight.
Otherwise it could be the scissor-door of death!

Around here they call them Lambo doors after the Lamborghini (sp?) where they first appeared. I’ve even seen them on a Chevy Cavalier, and know a guy who used to have a pair on a mid-'90s Mustang. His semed to require constant adjustment to be able to latch correctly. They use a big lift strut like you see holding up many car hoods these days, only much larger diameter, to lift the weight of the door.

Let me try the photo. I am guessing that is SF in the background. This is my niece from the state of Vera Cruz. She is in her early 40’s and works in a care center. There is an advantage to having Mexicans work in care centers, because the culture is very respectful of old people. Even old men.

My wife who is Mexican went just one time to visit a neighbor in a care center. She did not sleep for three nights, just walked up and down the house all night crying.

I hesitated to put the photo online. Then realized a Hispanic woman from California, wearing shades gives no clue at all.