Honda Water Pump


I have a 95 Honda Accord, 4 Cyl. V-tech. Yesterday I had the Honda dealership replace all the belts and seals, timing belt and water pump. The next day I started hearing a weird rattling noise and it is not the valves. The Honda Tech said it could be a bad water pump which was brand new. Is this a common problem? How common is it for a new factory water pump to be defective? Is it common or a rarity?

Thank you, Michael.

They cannot all be gems. Sometimes bad apples do get by the quality review process. It is rare, but still happens. That is why there are warranties. Check your service invoice to insure they did list the water pump. Most shops do warranty their work for 30 to 90 days. And, Honda does warranty their parts.

It’s possible to get a bad pump, even a brand new one. I’m assuming the dealership is going to fix this at no charge.

One of the few great reasons to use the dealer to fix your vehicle, they not only cover parts but labor for 1yr/12000 miles for a repair. Great garages and AAA approved do this also.