2005 honda cr-v manufacturer maintenance

Does anyone know if Honda the manufacturer, not Honda dealers, recommend replacing the water pump at 105K miles? Or can anyone lead me to a maintenance site where the maintenance is noted?

Probably not; the recommendation to replace the water pumps and tensioner is an experience-based one. The labor in both cases is the major cost, so replacing a water pump at, say, 135,000 miles after doing the timing belt at 105,000 miles incurs twice the big labor cost. Why not do it all at once as a pro-active cost saving move?

Honda will not admit that their water pumps need changing, since they usually don’t.

I have a similar situation with the dash lights on my Nissan. One bulb is burned out, but the cost of replacing it covers taking the dash apart. When the next bulb goes, and obscures how fast I’m going we will replace ALL the bulbs in the dash and incur only one labor charge.

Similarly, if you do a brake job, you might as well change the brake fluid as well.

yeah, it’s tough to take out a perfectly functioning water pump when you’re doing the timing belt, but as Docnick says, won’t you feel awful replacing the water pump a few thousand milea later when you coulda had a V8? Okay, old televison ad reference. i did mine when i did the belt and bit the bullet for the genuine honda part rather than the autozone pump just for my own peace of mind.

To those posting above me, the 2005 CR-v has Honda’s K24 engine which has a timing chain, not belt. Which is why i’m assuming he/she is asking about the water pump since without the timing belt interval there is no interval to service the water pump.

If that’s the case, don’t bother with the water pump unless, and until it starts to leak. Mine went at 165,000 miles on a Chev Impala and about the same mileage on a Caprice with the same 305 V8.

Today’s coolants have lots of water pump lubricant in them and changimg the coolant on time means you may never have to “do” the water pump.