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Honda transmission

So my honda 95 civic 1.5 engine is stalling out I think that it is my transmission so Im going to check that out in the morning my question is how much do I put in I watched a video on how to do it, do I need to put 3 quarts of the fluid in it or can I sneek by with just 2 quarts

A transmission won’t cause stalling. Slipping yes, when the engine speed increases but the car doesn’t go anywhere. If you are talking about draining and refilling the transmission, you need to put in the amount called for in the manual. You first need to check to see if the fluid level is down in the transmission. Sometimes that’s done with the engine running and sometimes not. You just have to check the manual. It is very bad for the transmission to not have enough fluid in so that’s important. I think its going to need more like three or four quarts though. Low fluid level can cause slipping, and slipping will ruin a transmission in no time.

Is this an automatic with a lock up torque converter? If it is dis-connect the the lock up and see if this solves the problem. If it isn’t a lock up type or is a manual trans I agree with @Bing the trans probably isn’t the problem. I might go with clutch not completely disengaging if it’s a manual. But you would notice some grinding putting it into gear.