Honda Civic Automatic Transmiassion


I have an "01 civic automatic that I recently bought used. It had less than 60K miles. The transmission slips sometimes going into 4th gear (did not happen when I test drove it). I hear from a mechanic friend that a lot of these transmissions fail between 60 and 100K miles. This does not sound like Honda. Does anyone have any experience with similar car?


I usually don’t suggest a “mircale fix” but in this case I suggest that you look for a bottle of TRANS-MEDIC. Siphon out a quart or so from the transmission dipstick and fill it with the TRANS-MEDIC and fresh transmission fluid to the fill line on the dipstick. It worked for me, lasted for another few years in a Civic with a slipping transmission. Only a few bucks, worth the try.


Honda’s have a golden reputation but have problems like others makes. The tranny’s are a weak point in this vintage Civic. Is there any recourse with the seller(if dealer?)


Check to see if there is a cable going from the throttle body to the transmission. If there is one, check to see if there is any slack in it, that is if the follower on the transmission delays moving until the throttle has moved some. There should be no slack, if there is, it will slip a little between gears. Tighten until the slack just disappears and no more.