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Honda, Toyota, Nissan timing belt replacement recommends

Are all of these “imports” 100Mish? Any quick/easy way to get their comparative parameters?

Gates Corporation Makes And Sells Timing Belts. They Have A Replacement Guide.

Go to their site and download their Timing Belt Replacement Guide. You should be able to browse and see manufacturers’ replacement intervals by make, model, year, and engine.

Click this link:


Many, I think most, Nissans use timing chains that do not require periodic replacement rather than belts.

You can find the answers to most of the questions you are likely to ask here:

The link will also tell you if the vehicle has an interference engine. Timing belt replacement in a non-interference engine is much less critical than with an interference engine as a broken belt will merely immobilize the car rather than wrecking the engine.

If you plan to change the belt yourself, you may prefer not to buy a Honda. Not only are most (all?) Honda engines interference engines, but the bolt on the front of the crankshaft requires much more torque for removal and reinstallation than most other cars.