Honda stick shift - speed one , almost turns off

“my Honda accord 98, is stick shift and recently it has been rattleting a bit when I switch to speed one. if I don’t push the clutch it shakes and wants to almost turn off.”

I assume you mean this happens when you downshift when coming to a stop. It sounds like you’re letting the car speed get to low before depressing the clutch. This would be normal. Try depressing the clutch before the car speed gets so low.

How fast are you going when you do this? How many RPMs is the engine turning?

it happens when I start the car and ready to go…if I depress the clutch and start driving on speed 1, it feels like is going to turn off, unless I press the clutch or the gas pedal.

Possible slight oil leak (rear main seal?). Although logically oil on a clutch disc should cause it to slip, the actual result is the opposite. Oil will cause the clutch to chatter and/or grab. How many miles on the Accord?

260, 000 +. I will check for a leak.

Ravene 260,000+ Wow! If you have a rear main seal leak it comes from the rear of the crankshaft and into the bell housing where the clutch assembly is located. Honda components tend to fit tightly so there may be no visible leak between the bell housing and engine block. I would just drive it and remember to apply a bit more throttle in first gear. I’m guessing a clutch job plus rear main seal replacement would be far to expensive for a car with this many miles. I would drive it until what it has left in it is used up.

Is this only when it’s cold In the morning?

I am not trying to be rude but do you understand the OP’s question? I can’t tell if it is the engine not running properly or a clutch and transmission problem. I assume they mean first gear by speed 1.

VOLVO V70 It appeared to me OP was describing shuddering and almost stalling when attempting to accelerate from a stop. I have confessed elsewhere on this forum that I am not familiar with modern computerized vehicles. An oil contaminated clutch disc producing these symptoms is something I am familiar with. A 17 year old car with 260,000+ miles? I’m sure it could be one or more of many problems. I would suggest a professional diagnosis. If mine is correct I would estimate a rear main seal and clutch replacement would easily far exceed the value of the car.

This doesnt sound like this has much of anything to do with the transmission or Gear one.

The info we have is that when the vehicle is started…Clutch depressed…Into First gear…Release clutch… Engine seems like it wants to stall until she either gives the car some accelerator…or pushes in the clutch.

Not sure what kind of driving this is…where you go into first and DO NOT give the car gas on your way to 2nd Gear as in the way of normal driving.

What does the vehicle do if you went into 2nd gear instead of 1st? Or 3rd for that matter.

How is the engine running aside from being in ANY gear? It sounds like the car is not running properly to begin with…which will make ANY gear feel wierd until you push in the clutch and give the engine some gas to make it run faster.

I don’t think we understand the issue here…or it is not being described in its entirety…or clearly enough for us to make any kind of diagnostic at all

Lets start from the beginning. You get into your vehicle…its cold and not running…

You start the engine and let it warm up a little bit…How does it run? Is the engine smooth? Can you rev the engine up? Do you let it warm up BEFORE you go into gear and begin driving?

We need to know quite a bit more here…like how does she RUN for starters…because if the engine is not running properly…NO GEAR will feel right. Please let us know more about the running condition of your vehicle…as 1st gear has NOTHING to do with how your engine is running… They are separate from each other.


“I don’t think we understand the issue here…or it is not being described in its entirety…or clearly enough for us to make any kind of diagnostic at all.”


Until the OP can give us a clear statement regarding the problem, we are all just shooting in the dark.

Stalling/stuttering during acceleration in first gear from a stop could be a vacuum leak or an EGR problem. My Ford truck has had both those problems at different times, and that was one of the symptoms. Hard to say with the limited info given, but something to consider anyway.