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Honda S2000

Car drives great, and shifts like a dream! Has 54K miles (2004), and recently had rear differential fluid changed; recommended interval is every 30K miles. When car is left sitting for a few days, and is then started, placed in gear, and then when clutch is let out and gas applied, there is a noise like a stick has snapped with a slight (very slight) metallic quality. Car moves normally, clutch engages normally and sound doesn’t recur for the rest of the day -even when left parked all day at work. This does not occur all the time, but on occasion; a few times a month. Should I wait until symptoms worsen? Honda dealership never mentioned anything wrong when they replaced rear differential fluid.

Don’t wait unitl it gets worse, if the center chunk is having an issue take it back to Honda right away, possibly wrong fluid placed in it.

Not sure what you mean by center chunk. But, I think your suggestion is good, and I will contact Honda this week -will post their response. Thanks!

Are you sure the noise is coming from the differential?

Could it be something else?

Sounds like it’s coming from the aft section of the car. Could it be something else -sure! Any ideas? Noise is intermittent, only occurs at the time mentioned, and never occurs under other circumstances. I do not believe that it is related to the suspension.

If it’s sat for a few days, it could just be rust breaking off the brakes when you start moving. But, as others said, take it back and have them look at it