Honda Prelude severe oil leak

This 1997 Honda prelude 140k has an oil leak that when I turn the car on that oil starts to gush out of it. I’m not sure what would cause oil to gush out of the bottom. It’s not the oil drain plug nor is it the oil filter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Could be the oil sending unit, find the source, is the cause!

It’s probably either the front main or rear main crank seal that is shot. Not entirely unexpected in a 1997. A little unexpected with only 140k, but it depends on how hard the car has been driven to some extent. Plus sometimes it is just bad luck, the original seal was slightly defective.

There’s other leaks that can cause this. Are you certain the leak isnt starting higher up, then dripping down the engine, so it appears to be leaking from the bottom, when it is really leaking from the top? If so, it might be the camshaft seal or if you are really lucky the valve covers.