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Honda Prelude Brake Peddle goes to floor and WON"T STOP

I was driving my 94 Honda Prelude and put the brake peddle to the floor, but the car wouldn’t stop. This was a onetime occurrence, but a dangerous one. So I checked the brake reservoir and it was full. I can’t find any leaks. Please help me find out why this happened and how to prevent it. (Also the e brake doesn’t work and so I don’t know if that?s connected)

Wow, you had no brakes at all (normal or emergency) and you and your car survived to tell about it.
Your master cylinder is probably failing. In any event, you must tow your car to someone who can diagnose are repair the problem. Do not drive it until after it is repaired. Be sure to get the parking/emergency brake fixed too. That way you’ll have a backup should the main brake ever fail again.

Stay away from the chain shops, even the brake specific ones. They’ll just guess and throw parts at it and might not get it fixed. Find a good independent. (Normally, I’d say “or a dealer”, but the dealers have probably forgotten how to work on a 94.)

Ditto to what Tardis said. With emphasis on the “do not driive it until it is repaired” part.