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Brake pedal goes to the floor. car won't stop

back brakes don’t bleed. car doesn’t stop anymore. The passenger back brake stops even though it doesn’t bleed, but the driverside brake doesn’t make the tire stop and it doesn’t bleed. The e-brake works. I just need to know what could be wrong. Please, do not criticize me.

“brakes don’t bleed” . . . what does that mean?

“passenger back brake stopps even though it doesn’t bleed” . . . what does that mean?

I’m not criticizing.

I’m just stating that if you want help, you’ll have to be a little more accurate and specific.

By “bleed”, do you mean leak? Bleeding brakes is a process to eliminate air from the brake lines. This is done by a mechanic.

If you do mean that the brakes don’t leak, but the passenger side rear brake does not stop the wheel from turning and the brake pedal goes to the floor, then you have air in the lines and you need to have a mechanic bleed your brakes.

But you may have a bigger problem because you need to find out how the air got into the lines in the first place. Have you checked the brake master cylinder reservoir to see if there is any brake fluid in it?

You need a mechanic. This '95 may or may not have ABS brakes. What level is the brake fluid? Is it losing fluid? Does pumping the brake pedal help at all? Is there rust on the lines? When was the last time the fluid was changed? What procedure did you use to try to bleed?

This doesn;t call for help on the internet, it call for a tow to a mechanic.

Just an observation, but if your car has no brakes and you don’t understand why that is, perhaps a real mechanic is called for. I never understand people who are obviously clueless about the mechanical workings of their automobile, think they can fix something as vital as their brakes. If they guess wrong, the next question will be what the write off value of said car will be.

Yes, you need a professional mechanic check out your brakes. From what you describe, there may be several issues here. If the pedal goes to the floor, you may also have a very worn master cylinder.

Don’t drive this car any further; having no brakes can kill you!

You definitely need a mechanic and if you aren’t willing to take some criticism and learn from it you shouldn’t be surprised if a shop rips you off.

You clearly need the expertise of a mechanic. I trust you’re not going to drive it this way?