Honda Prelude Bearing Noise?

I have a noise coming from the front of my 2000 Prelude (91K miles w/ auto trans) that sounds like something between the sound of a washing machine and the word “Roar” repeated very softly and quickly. It’s not much louder than the tires and you need smooth pavement to really hear it well. The tempo of the sound is approximately 1/2 of the wheel RPM. The sound is not present when coasting, nor when in neutral; it’s not affected by turning and is louder under load (going uphill). Riding the breaks does not stop the noise and the brakes check out good (not a warped rotor) A local garage could not find any excess heat coming from the wheel bearings and with the thing on a lift in gear at idle speed we could not hear the noise. The sound sorta reminds me of a bad ring and pinion. Anyone experience this?

The noise might be from a tire with a belt seperation.

Try swapping the front and rear tires. If the noise moves to the rear there’s a problem with one of the tires.


Hi Tester,

Thanks for the reply but I forgot to mention that I tried that.