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Honda Pilot jerks when warm

I have a 2005 Honda pilot that when it warms up it jerks it acts like it’s out of gas ,I have no engine light on what can it be

There are numerous accounts of bad torque converter causing similar symptoms for your model year.Have the transmission inspected by your Honda dealer ASAP.

…or, better yet, by a Honda dealer’s service department.


Sorry! post corrected

What driving conditions does it jerk? Slow speed neighborhood driving in the 15-25 mph range? Accelerating up a freeway on ramp? About town driving, 35-45 mph? Constant speed freeway driving at 70 mph?

The Honda Pilot jerks I encounter tend to be stereotypical soccer moms. Always running late and driving like jerketts. There is a noticeable increase when the weather is warm, I blame the increase on Summer soccer camps. Sorry. I’m just trying to keep the show’s mood going.


@sgtrock21: bad doggie, bad!

Keep up the good work.

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As soon as it warms up around the block it will not shift are go in reverse.but when it cools down it shifts fime

So it seems to be a transmission problem, which was not clear from your original post.

Check the transmission fluid level and color, but I suspect you need a new transmission or a rebuild.

I’m sort of confused by your postings OP. You say in the first post that it is acting like it is out of gas, then above you say it won’t shift or go into reverse gear. Are theses symptoms related , you noticed them at the same time, or did one start after the other? Problems with the engine fuel injection system occurring only after it warms up may have to do with the closed loop/open loop transition when the O2 sensors come online. But that wouldn’t have any effect on the transmission normally. Somehow you’ve got to figure out if you’ve got two different problems, one involving the engine, and the other involving the transmission; or there’s just one problem, and if so, it must be the transmission b/c of the gear shifting problem. What kind of transmission is it? Automatic, CVS?