2009 Honda Pilot rumbles when I ease off the gas

My 2009 Honda Pilot feels like it’s driving over rumbling strips when I take my foot off the gas. This problem is intermittent and happens more on lower speeds (30-60). What could be causing this?

When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced?

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It might be something is amiss in the transmission’s torque converter lock-up function. When you are driving over 40 mph the torque converter is usually locked up, similar to how a manual transmission with a clutch works when driving at speed, done to improve mpg. But when you slow down it has to automatically unlock, otherwise the engine would stall out when you came to a stop at the next stoplight. There’s a fault mode it can go into where it locks and unlocks multiple times in a row, and that can feel like a rumble sensation. Usually the complaints here for that however are when accelerating from 25 mpg to 45 mph. But I suppose it could happen in either direction, accelerating, or decelerating. Good advice above to have the transmission serviced.

Thank you very much for the advice. I will surely look into this and hopefully, this will solve the problem. Thank you again.

I had a 2009 and mine did it. At 128k I got rid of it. I think the problem was a worn out cam, which is what I was told. I traded mine in at that point.

I actually changed my transmission fluid not too long ago, but before changing the fluid, it was not a “rumble” that seemed to be a problem. Instead it was like there seemed to be a bit of a strain in shifting gear which has disappeared after the fluid change. This “rumble” problem is something different but I suppose I could change again the fluid if it makes any difference. Thank you for the suggestion.

Did you use OEM transmission fluid?

I bought the fluid from a Honda dealer.


Turned out the problem I had on the Pilot was a bad “inner tie-rod end”. It was by accident how I found out, but after replacing the part, I no longer feel the “rumble-like” problem even when I took it for a long drive out-of-state. Regardless, thank you all for the suggestions and all.

Worn out u-joints in a driveshaft will rumble on letting off the gas.

Thanks for the interesting and surprising update OP. Inner tie rod play isn’t something I’d expect would cause that symptom. Good to know. Thanks again for posting.