Honda passport intermittent a/c blower operation

I have a 2001 honda passport with intermittent blower operation. Have ruled out the relay, motor, & switch. No loose wiring or connections were found.I suspect the electronic resistor block. Anyone had this problem before?

What do you mean by intermittent? It will be running and suddenly quit or will it only start sometimes when you try to fire it up?

girlfriend gets in, starts the car up, blower doesn’t come on for a couple of minutes, sometimes longer. Won’t do it every time, and hasn’t yet while I’m driving it to find the problem.

Suggest that next time she try turning it on high. See if that gets it started.

That sounds like worn brushes in the blower motor. The next time the blower motor doesn’t come on, reach under the dash and tap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver. If the blower starts to function, you’ve conffirmed it’s the blower motor.


The relay would be my first suspect but you stated that you ruled that out. I assume it was checked while the trouble was occurring or you swapped it with another. If that is the case then I would check for a loose wire connection. JEM and Tester offer good things to do also to help find the cause.