2007 Honda Accord or Toyota Camry--Is there a difference?

I’ve been reading about both cars and I’m going on a test drive tomorrow. According to the stats the length and weight of the cars is exactly the same. Has anyone driven and compared these two cars? What do you think?

The main difference that i’ve found in the past is that road noise at high speed was unbearable in the Accord.

I don’t know if this is still the case.

Drive both cars on the freeway & check for this.

BTW, 2 other cars in this class that are also worth a look are the Hyundai Sonata & the Ford Fusion.

I recently test drove a new Fusion, very nice car & much less money than the Accord or Camry.

Also Fusion owners are telling Consumer Reports that their Fusions are very reliable & trouble free.

In response to your question and the comment added by a viewer, Honda’s usually have chiep factory tires that are noisy on the highway. If it’s a new car and has less than 25 actual miles or less on them than you can usually trade tires at most tire shops for minimal cost and get good ones put on. That said both cars are good and it comes down to taste. I’m a Honda man myself and think the Accord has the slight edge even if a tire upgrade is in the picture. Goodluck,

You should go tick off a Saturn dealer, and test the Camry and Accord they have there for ‘comparison’… easier than going to two different dealers…

Get the one that looks better. I know that the Camry has some upgrades for interior and rocker panel that look great. The Honda may have them too.

Can’t go wrong with either, as others have stated test drive both, and get the one that rocks your world.

I’ve driven Camrys and Accords. I’ve owned a Camry in the past and currently own an Accord. I agree that the road noise in an Accord is higher than in a Camry, but I prefer the way the Accord drives. The new Accord may be quieter, but only a highway drive would tell for sure.

I suggest you drive the cars and decide which you prefer. You can’t really go wrong with either car.

Personal preference between the two. You may like something one and not the other specific just to you. Both cars are equals to each other.

Not that this should have any bearing to you but I find driving a Camry akin to driving a plain white amana souless appliance. The Honda a little more engaging. But that may not matter a bit to you.