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Honda Odyssey Van shimmies when brakes applied at 60mph

Here’s my question, my 2010 Honda Van, with 47,000 miles, shimmies when I apply the brakes at 60-65mph. No other time. When I apply the brakes at that speed (very gently, I might add), the van feels like the front end is bouncing around. It doesn’t do this at any other speed. Any ideas?


Have them machined or replaced next time the front brake pads are replaced. (do it sooner if it gets worse)

Agreed sounds like you have slightly warped rotors from your description.

Find a safe place and do a couple of HARD stops from 65 mph. Do not go all the way to lockup, but just short of that. In fact, just short of the ABS pulsing and do not quite stop. When you get to about 5 mph, began accelerating again back to 65 and repeat. Two cycles of this should do the trick.

Thanks, I just checked a Honda Odyssey discussion forum and see that this has been reported as a problem in several year models of the Odyssey. I am going to discuss with my dealer and an independent shop to see if the problem can be fixed.

Vangomom–This is not a problem unique to Odysseys.
Rather, it is usually a problem that usually results from either of two causes:

Someone failed to use a torque wrench when installing/rotating tires on your vehicle, thus resulting in uneven force being applied to the various lug nuts.
The brakes were severely overheated by over-use on a long mountain downgrade. (Downshifting to a lower gear can prevent this type of brake overheating!)