Honda Odyssey starting/not starting


My questions is why does my 1998 Honda Odyssey on occasion not start. What happens is the van has been running for say an hour and when I stop and turn it off for about 5-10 minutes it won’t start. I hear a clicking that sound like it is coming from the lower left by the emergency brake. Honda has checked it and could not duplicate and found no diagnostic codes from the computer.



The clicking sound is one of three things. It could be a starter relay, or it could be the starter solenoid, which is a kind of relay too, but attached to the starter, or it could be the sound of the starter gear hitting the fly wheel between the teeth, but that us usually accomapnied by a whirring sound after the click.
The thing is that this does not happen when the car is cold, but only after it has warmed up, and it is intermittent. That makes it sound like the starter solenoid is subject to excess heat from somewhere that is causing it to fail. but I am just guessing here, it could be something else entirely, I am a shade tree mechanic, not a pro. like Tester or Same Mountain bike.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of a relay or solenoid as well.