Honda Odyssey Revving in Park

I have a 1999 Odyssey with 107K miles on it. When I was driving this morning (after the car was outside in 35 degree weather overnight), I noticed a rumbling from the engine (when I was stopped at a stop light). When I got home, and I put the car in park, the engine started a cycle of revving/idling even though I didn’t have my foot on the gas. My car repair place is closed today, but I just want to know if the car is safe to drive limited distances (say under 25 miles at a stretch) until I get them to look at it on Monday. Thanks.

Idling problems can come from a number of places. A faulty Idle Air Control motor is one.

Driving with the engine performance as it is won’t do any damage except to your wallet.

The fuel mileage will take a hit as well as run rough or start stalling.

If the stalling happens, your starter and battery will become worn down, hence some future $$ spent to replace.

This is also a result of a vacuum leak. It should be fine until the CEL comes on.

Well, I just parted with $65 to fill the tank, so I know I have plenty of gas (and I won’t be doing a long driving trip in this car for a while). I’ll call the repair shop on Monday.

Thanks much.

I read about that via googling, but I wasn’t sure how serious that was in the short term. Thanks much.