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2005 Honda Odyssey

2 things...I have a strange noise that happens at exactly 11 mph.  It is consistent and predictable at 11 mph, after a prolonged stop (like a parking lot).  The sound is like a gear grind and is always about 1/2 second long.  It is audible and can be felt as a quick grind thru the floor right at the gas pedal. It will not repeat again until the next prolonged stop.    Next thing.... the power steering is stiff and feels impaired. Also, makes a low whining noise when turning the wheel, typical of a Ford.  Nothing obviously adverse with driving or the shifting.  trans fluid is correct and all other fluids are at proper levels.    Got any ideas out there????    Thanks, Mike

How many miles are on the odometer?

66500 original miles

Mike, I Have A Couple Of Ideas.

The 11 MPH noise, I’m guessing, is probably the ABS performing a self-test and is normal.
I couldn’t quickly find a description specifically for your 05 Odyssey, but here’s a similar description.
Click this link.

A steering noise during cold weather (35F-40F)is probably caused by a defective power steering resevoir. Honda replaced some of these under warranty for complaints of whines, buzzes, or hums. Information does not mention warmer ambient temperatures.

No symptoms are listed, but a very small number (hundreds) of 05 Odysseys were subject to a recall to have the steering column replaced because they could lead to a “loss of steering control”. You probably would have been notified if your vehicle was one of the defective ones, but you may want to double check your VIN number with a dealer.

Odyssey owners have also complained of the vehicles “pulling” or “drifting”, but I don’t see anything that specifically mentions “stiff” steering.


I’ll chase these down with a local dealer. Thank you for your help!! Mike

CSA may be correct about the ABS self-test, but I have to say that all of the vehicles with which I am familiar–including Hondas–perform their ABS self-test at a much lower speed.

I would estimate that the self-test on the cars with which I am familiar takes place at 5 mph or less. However, the Odyssey may be different.

As to the power steering–Is the OP sure that the correct Honda PS fluid has always been used if the PS pump needed to be topped off? Using the wrong fluid in the PS system could lead to strange noises.

VDC Driver, That’s Why I Said “Guessing” And “Probably”. I’m Guessing You Probably Know More About Hondas, In Fact I know You Do.

The only Hondas I have known have two wheels, like the antique CB750K in the back of my garage.