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Honda odyssey 2001 check engine codes 0401 and 0420 -


Check engine light is on and off for quite sometime in our Honda Odyssey Van 2001, with 116000 miles on it. Got it checked at Autozone. Codes are 0401 and 0420

- Problem according to the codes is

-EGR - Exhaust gas recirculation (maybe blocked passage, air leak near HO2 S )

-Faulty catalytic convertor.

Question is we are planning to travel 700 miles in total this weekend - Don’t have time to get it fixed - Can we take a chance or not. The check engine light is sometime on and sometime off for almost a month now and my wife did almost 2500 miles on it since it started.

Please advise



I don’t think you will have a problem on the trip due to those things and I would guess adding another 700 miles to the 2500 miles you have already gone won’t make much of a difference. If something else comes up though it will get covered over if the CEL light is already on due to the current trouble.

Hi Cougar
Thanks - A friend of mine who is also a good mechanic will be coming in tonight to clean the intake manifold of carbon accumulation. He says that might be the problem - It will take 1/2 an hour of his time he says —
Thanks again