EGR Valve

Have a 2001 Odyssey with less than 65,000 on it. While driving yesterday, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp came on which, according to the manual, indicates an emissions problem. Had the same situation approximately a year and a half ago and had the EGR valve replaced in April 2009. How likely is it that this same problem would happen again so soon? Prior to the '09 fix, I never had this problem.

Have the codes read for free at almost any auto parts store. Post these codes back here in the form of “P0123” not in their English translations. Otherwise this is a guessing game.

The most common problem with egr on the Odyssey, or for that fact just about any vehicle is usually not the egr valve itself, but restricted passages. The v6 Honda is notorious for clogged egr passage.

Take a brief stroll through this list of trouble codes that may have triggered the MIL:

Given that, as mleich noted, anything without codes is blind guesswork. There’s no reason to suspect another EGR system problem…unless you get a code that points to it.

I agree that the first suspect would be the passage rather than the valve itself. I recently cleared up an EGR problem with a coat hangar wire and some Seafoam solvent.