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Honda Oddity Transmission failures

A couple of weeks ago I posted a question about my sister?s 2001, Honda minivan. Several of you are aware of the problems of the early 20?transmissions and Honda?s extension of warranty. The transmission was replaced this week at no charge.

My question today is, do you guys know if the transmissions are being replaced with the same old stuff, or are they being replaced with something with a modified design that is more robust? If nobody knows, can someone suggest a good Honda board where it would pay to ask?

You would think they would be updated, did you get any kind of warranty? If they didn’t update giving a warranty would be odd.

Cursory reading of info on the www indicates that, for some model years at least, the class action suit forces coverage for 109,000 miles. I would think that if it makes it to 109, they are done replacement or not. I don’t know.

It might not be a simple decision for them. Mods might not be practical with existing castings. Remanufacturing them and hoping that they will get to the 109 K might be a lot less expensive, in that case, even if a few need to be done twice.

Some people have not encountered problems with relatively high mileage and others had failures at pretty low mileage.

So no warranty on the replacement transmission? They replaced it once and now they are done?

I don’t know. I just want to know if the transmission is better than the original when it was new.