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Honda Oddessy rebuilt transmission

I have a Honda Oddessy with 157,000. I finally had to pay for a rebuilt transmission at 136,000. That one failed at 151,000. It was under the 2yr warranty so it was replaced for free.

Is it fair to assume that as the unused rebuilt transmission gets farther away from the the model year of the car, it will not last as long? I know the Oddessy has a problem transmission but I thought that might be addressed with the rebuilt ones.

If you don’t maintain your transmission correctly it could fail at any time. Change the fluid every 20,000 miles or so. If your Odyssey is like my Accord, its a simple drain & refill operation.

A rebuilt engine or transmission will last just as long as factory new unit IF it is rebuilt properly.

The key is how that word “rebuilt” is used. In regards to transmissions there are soft rebuilds in which only clutches, seals, etc. are replaced and hard rebuilds in which all of the those items plus parts such as bushings, solenoids, updates, etc are also replaced.

The soft rebuild can be a dicey thing and there are a lot of those floating around out there. If this is what was installed then longevity can be a coin flip on these.