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1998 Honda CRV Rides Bumpy After Repair

My 1998 Honda CRV had the Two-way valve assembly replaced due to a check engine light issue. I just picked it up from the mechanic and when I drove home the ride felt more bumpy than usual. It felt like every little bump and dip in the road the car responded extra bouncy.

Am I insane? Is there any logical explanation for such a thing? Thanks for your feedback!

Do you know if the vehicle was put on a lift and raised?


If it’s the two way valve for your EVAP system, it has nothing to do with suspension. They probably had it on a hoist to change it, but don’t know what could cause a change in your ride. Many times people pay extra attention to the car and how it acts after it was worked on. Sometimes you notice things that was happening all along but just didn’t notice it because you weren’t looking for it. If it’s definitely different, you could take it back and have them look it over. Maybe they added air to your tires because you have been driving with them low.


That was my first thought also.

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If it was on a lift with the suspension dangling, could it take a while for the shocks and struts to get back to normal after being hyperextended?


Tester, is this a problem that time and driving will solve?



HI Tester, Yes it was. I saw your earlier message and have read similar comments on other threads. I am a bit surprised that they sent me home with the car this way as they test drove it before they were complete.

Tester, any advice for moving forward/following up on this?

There is a lot going on with this vehicle right now and repairs are getting steep. Appreciate any helpful advice to address this new bouncy situation. :wink:

It’s a 21-year-old car. For all, we know every suspension bit is original. Sounds like your struts or shocks are well past the best before date. They should probably have been replaced 3 times by now. Sounds like you need a suspension inspection. Discuss it with the mechanic. Our 1999 Honda Crv went to the junkyard with a failed transmission and a number of other needed repairs more than 10 years ago as it was not worth spending 4K.on it at the time, and easier and cheaper on our budget to buy a newer vehicle. Congrats on keeping yours on the road all this time. It was neglecting servicing and letting little repairs pile up that caused our Honda to experience a premature end.

Thanks Michael I have only had it for a few years so I am not sure what was done before me. It was one owner though and only has about 165000 miles on it! Thanks for the feedback!