2000 Honda CRV stalls when engine is cold and I shift into gear

My 2000 Honda CRV starts when cold, however I must continue to give it gas and it will die when I shift into Reverse or Drive. If I rev the engine, I can keep it running and it will run OK once warmed up. When I get it going, the engine will stall if I attempt to let it idle. All problems resolve themselves once the engine is warm. Several mechanics have seen the problem, but cannot determine a solution other than to let the engine warm up. I live in Boston and the combination of having to work my way out of a parking space and the enginge continously stalling when I shift into R or D is making life difficult? Any ideas?

I suggest a new mechanic–one who is familiar with the initials, IAC.
That stands for Idle Air Control, and this part is the most likely source of the problem.

Thx. I am also seeing a lot of info on having the valves adjusted and that a “too tight” valve may be the problem. Does that make sense? Frustrated that two different mechanics were not sure what to do.

Well, whether the valves are causing the stalling problem or not, if you have never had the valve lash adjusted on this 11 year old engine, you risk expensive damage to the cylinder heads from “too tight” valves. I suggest having the valve lash checked and adjusted on the same visit when you have the IAC checked.

Can you give a run down of the state of basic maintenance? E.g. how old are the spark plugs & wires? Fuel & air filters?

These mechanics must have done something - like checked stuff. Find out what they did & post that as well. If I was to look at the car I would probably check the coolant temperature sensor to start. A cleaning of the IAC (mentioned by VDC) would be good. The fuel pressure ought to be checked from cold start & observed.

Is there a check engine light involved? If so, then there are error codes that would have been read from the computer. Post those if there were any & you have them (format: “P1234”).

Thanks. I am new to the Boston area and have not found a mechanic yet …will go back and talk to the two I used. Will ask specifically about the items you mention. Know any good mechanics in Boston / Cambridge area?

We’re you able to fix the problem? My 2004 Honda CR-V is having the exact same problem.