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Honda Insight Stereo

ok, I have a new 2011 Honda Insight, got it in June, has 2300 miles on it. I only have one problem with it, and it is car talk related… I listen to the podcast, so I download that to my MP3 player (Zen mosaic). I love the fact that the insight has BOTH a Aux input for my Zen and pod casts, AND an Ipod port for my ipod (where I keep my music). the Ipod is in the console and the Zen is attached to the Aux input on the face of the stereo.

The problem is; When ever I plug in my Zen, I have to put the Volume of the Zen very high (23-25 out of 25) to hear anything. I also hear a hissing noise when ever it is plugged in. Also (related I think) after I listen to the Zen for more then 1.5 hours straight, it sounds like the MP3 is “skipping”. it will be playing, then silent for a sec or two then come back.

When the skipping happens, I can disconnect the MP3 from the stereo and plug in the ear buds, and it is all fine, no skipping, no hissing.

I do not get hissing from my ipod through the stereo.

So is this a problem with the Stereo or something that is unavoidable or a problem with the MP3?



I would just put the pod casts on the iPod. Problem solved. Try using the iPod through the Aux. jack. If there is no hiss or skipping then the problem is with the Zen. If there is, then with a car that new I would see the dealer about it.

My guess is the AUX jack is a line level input. Headphone jacks do not output the same voaltage, amperage, or whatever unit of measurement is involved. I agree with above, why not put the podcast on the iPod? that is why it’s called a “PODcast” after all.