Honda Insight--How much driving is required



My daughter bought a new 2009 Honda Insight then flew the coop for graduate school, leaving the Insight in the coop-garage. How often do I (the mother) need to drive this thing to keep it in good working order?


I’d suggest taking it out of the garage and using it as your main car 1 weekend a month. This should give it some exercise running errands and going to the store, post office, etc. Ideally it would run for about 30 min. to an hour over the 2 days and perhaps you’ll put 30 to 50 miles on the odometer. After about 3 months you’ll have 100 to 200 miles on it and you can fill it with fresh gas.

If a trip of 100-200 miles comes up consider taking her Insight. One nice road trip every couple of months would do it some good.

Letting it sit unused for more than 3 months won’t be good.


That would be easily do-able. Thank you for the suggestion. I was feeling guilty that I was not driving it once a week.


Go with UncleTurbo’s advice just choosing something of a regular schedule. The only thing I’d add is to completely avoid any kind of short trip driving. Getting all systems of to full operating temperature for a while is best. Short trips will kill it faster than letting it sit.


Better to take it out less often (than weekly) and give it a good workout over the 2 days you do use it.


What do you consider “short trip?” I have been taking it on 12 mile loops that include streets with stop lights and 4-ways stops and about 5 miles of freeway driving. Is this short?


IMO a short trip is a one mile to church and back for instance, or a trip to a store very close to your home. What you outlined is not a short trip as the vehicle has time to reach normal operating temp. and likely takes 30 min. or so to complete.


More information please. ow long is she going to be gone? Is she going to be coming home from time to time and would like to have the use of her wheels?

If the car is going to be stored for an extended period, you should check with the insurance company as you may be able to cancel the “collusion” insurance as long as you don’t drive the car. Keep the other parts of the insurance active however. The collusion is usually the most expensive part.

I am not a fan of driving a car when it is really just in storage. Cars sit on dealer lots for months and they don’t make a point of driving them or servicing them during that time.

If you can store it without the battery in it you can greatly reduce the chance of it being stolen. Few thieves come equipped with a variety of batteries so they might have the right size.

Give us more information and congratulations of her continuing her education.