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Battery keeps dying 2010 Insight

My kid drives our car across the friggin street to work! It’s less than 200 yards. Every once in awhile he needs a jump start and I’m convinced it’s his fault for only driving it a short distance. Am I right or is it unrelated? We replaced the regular battery just 3 years ago.

I think we have found the problem.


I knew it! We told him not to do it from the beginning and now we said we’re not going to help him if he gets stranded A FOOTBALL FIELD AWAY FROM HIS APARTMENT! Thanks for your reply.

Sometimes this happens to me when I do a lot of short distance driving. Especially in the winter, b/c problems w/a marginally charged battery will show up more in colder weather. My sol’n is just the recharge the battery every once in a while, at the 2 amp rate. A battery charge top off for an hour or two is all that’s needed. I do that maybe a couple times a month in the winter is all.

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For you George, but this is a hybrid.

In addition to the damage to the battery, the oil needs to be changed more often (use the severe duty schedule in the owners manual). Now, the maintenance monitor should be warning you to do this, but I would personally change it every 6 months with driving like this.

Man this kid doesn’t realize how lucky he is to live that close to his work…I’m 25 miles away. I’d love to be able to walk 200 yards to and from work every day…:unamused:

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