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Honda Ignition switch failure

2003 Honda Pilot has the same failure issue as other Honda models but is not part of the recall. How many other Pilot and Odyssey vehicles have the failed switch and are not included in Honda’s recall? Honda refused to replace the ignition switch on our Pilot and did not care to know information about the failure to see if it other models are impacted.

Ignition switches can fail on any car.
Honda isn’t obliged to fix switches on every single year/model car they sell just because they had a bad run of them.
The ig switch failed on my Accord, mind you it was 19 years old.
The electrical part of the switch is seperate and pretty easy to change.
I did it in ~30 minutes and a couple of screwdrivers.
An independent can do it for you for much less $$ than the dealer.
In fact there’s rarely a reason to take an out-of-warranty car to the dealer.