Honda Element Dust & Pollen Filter

Hey, does anyone know where the second dust and pollen filter is on a 2005 Honda Element? I’m trying to replace mine and the first one is right behind the glove compartment, but I don’t know where the second one is. Thanks!

Doesn’t the owner’s manual tell you where the filters are?

No, I wish it did. It merely says how often it should be changed. The dealer will be happy to change it for me for $70 labor plus $46 parts.

I got this from an Element forum:

There are two filter elements for the cabin located behind the glove compartment. You have to unlatch the sides of the glove compartment and rotate it all the way open so it hangs down. Then there is a little sliding door to open. You can pull the first filter straight out. Then the second one slides from left to right and then out. It is very simple and requires no tools.

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