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Honda electrical problem

Due to a rash of Honda thefts in my city I advised my wife to unplug a spark plug wire when she parked at night. After realizing that it could still run on 3 cylinders I then unplugged the thing with the blue and black/yellow wires (top left in the photo). It ran the next day and then my wife unplugged two spark plug wires and the next day put them back and it hasn’t run since then. Using a simple circuit tester with a wire and light bulb I confirmed that there is current coming into the coil at the two screws at the bottom (bottom right in photo) but no current coming from the spring at the top of coil. I’m sure the wires have been put in the same position, I sanded the points and rotor, I took the ignition coil and control module to be tested and they both are fine, all the fuses that I can find are fine. Any suggestions? Please help.

#1 cylinder is furthest from the distributor. On the distributor cap, #1 is at the 3 o’clock position, then clockwise #3 (6 o’clock), #4 (9 o’clock) and #2 (12 o’clock high) as viewed from the same angle as your picture but with cap in place.