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Ignition Coil Spring Missing

I replaced my distributor rotor earlier tonight on my 1998 Honda Civic DX. In the process, I lost the spring that comes out of the ignition coil. It jumped out on me. I put the distributor rotor back on the distributor and put the distributor cap on it, as well. It runs fine, for now.

What should I do? What does that small spring do? What will happen if I don’t use it?

You need to replace the distributor cap. The spring should not have been loose. The new cap will have a new spring in it.

The spring carries the voltage from the coil to the lead in the cap. They use a spring so that it will cope with variations due to different heat expansion rates for different materials in the coil, cap, and distributor housing.

Running without the spring, the spark first jumps the gap the spring used to fill. This will create a voltage drop and allow for a build up of carbon and corrosion that will create a greater resistance. This can stress the coil and cause it to fail. Your coil is in great shape now if it is still running while jumping this gap. Don’t stress it anymore.

Check the price for a distributor cap versus a price for a replacement distributor. You’ll be better served to replace the cap now.


I also have had the same problem, the first time I replaced my distrib cap (cuz of corrosion) I just used a pen spring. The cap has now become corroded again… perhaps loose gasket or cheesey aluminum contacts, idk. WE bought another cap and STILL no spring has been included. Temporarily we are using another pen spring… hoping to work something out with the dealer, but I have a feeling I may end up being required to get a new distib or another cap from the dealer if i also wanted the spring… any ideas? The old pen spring rusted pretty bad so that may have contributed to corrosion of the contacts.

The spring comes with the ignition coil - not the distributor cap. I just ordered one from the Internet for about 40 bucks. Not too bad.

I also looked on the internet for ignition coil set. 40 bucks is more cheaper than the one i saw. The whole set cost more than $35-40.