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2005 Honda CR-V - My new CR-V

I am. Buying a 2005 Honda cv se this week. Good idea. 149,000 miles thank you


You are welcome.

Are you telling us, or are you asking us?
If it is the latter, then–yes–it is a good idea, as long as the previous owner(s) maintained it properly over the past 15-16 years. The CR-V is a good vehicle, but lax maintenance could jeopardize that situation.

Have you had it inspected–prior to purchase–by your own mechanic?


The car may be new to you but should not be used when describing that car. It’s 16 years old with 149k miles on it so the correct term is “well used”.
No one knows what condition it’s in. One could safely bet that a thorough inspection will turn up some needs.

There’s also the issue of how much are you giving for it. It may or may not be a good deal depending upon condition vs price.


I couldn’t have said it better.
Oh… wait… I did.… 8 hours ago:


As well, maybe. “Better”? That’s debatable.

Well, can you deny that you posted essentially a duplicate of my earlier post?

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Can you tell me why it matters? In any event I’m done with this thread. Have a nice day.

You too!


Well, the OP was on “ask someone “. Posters there rarely :
1). Ask a question.
2). Give specific information.
3). Reply

Depending on your location, a 2005 Honda CR-V might be so rusty, to the point it is unsafe and won’t pass a safety inspection . . .

Has this car already been inspected by a shop that has absolutely no relationship to the seller . . . ?!

that said . . . Honda CR-Vs are usually a good bet, provided they’ve been well maintained over the years


I do not plan on bringing it my mechanic, he is about 70 miles from the lot that I am buying it from. As far as the carfax, it is all routine stuff. I am aware that if people do not report accidents, they do not show up on carfax. Their is another car in his ad with mileage discrepancies listed on the carfax, which tells me the guy is somewhat honest, because I would think he would not display a carfax for that vehicle, and maybe just put it at the back of the lot. The lemon law is 7 days, so maybe I’ll bring it to my mechanic immediately.oh, the asking price is $ 5600, thanks

Thanks for all the replies

Next subject.
The front speakers in my 2007 Impala have never worked correctly, so I gave the driver’s side a good kick. NOW——-the window will not go up, and I cannot hear any noise from the motor. Oddly enough, their is 1 fuse for all 4 windows, and the others work fine.I am thinking that a connection loosened. Is it possible to get at at least some of the wiring by removing the speaker, before removing the door panel? (I should probably also fix the speaker, like I should have done in the first place!)


The Lemon law only applies to new vehicles . Not used vehicles . Do you actually know if you have a 7 day return policy ? And it you do there will be most likely a mileage fee . So doubtful you will get a full refund . You can’t find something closer to you to buy ?

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There is no such thing as a Lemon used car. The price may be ok but that depends upon a pre-purchase inspection which you are not going to do. In that case. flip a coin.

Dealers use the form below. If that form says “No warranty” (and you will sign and get a copy) this means that the car is yours warts and all no matter what the dealer says verbally. The dealer can lie through their teeth (referred to as puffing) but that form is the final arbiter if any disagreement arises. So say the Feds…

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