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Honda CRX-hf sometimes starts-sometimes not!

About 2.5 years ago developed a starting problem. When the engine warning light came on and stayed on-the engine would turn over strongly but not even think of starting. If I wen away for 30-40 minutes-the problem was gone-usually. Turn on and off electrican components, shift the transmission—sometimes it would start without waiting. Do a push start/coast downhill-and usually it would either start or the next key turn would start it—the engine warning light would not stay on. If this did not work-try it again a bit stronger/faster. More like thumping a 1950’s tv for good reception that a true push start. Since the problem started the ignition and starter have been replaced with no solution. The first time the car was towed to a garage-by time it got there and was examined the problem was gone—so, I started parking at the garage until it wouldn’t start there—they found that the gas pump wasn’t pumping gas when the problem was manifesting. They replaced the relay that starts the fuel pump when the engine is started—but, even that wasn’t the problem!!!

Any ideas???

From: Mr. Tries to park on hills only!!!

The next stop would normally be the fuel pump itself - since lack of fuel pump function was verified. But before getting into that the entire electrical circuit & its connections ought to be checked.

Did they also check for spark?

It kind of sounds like it could be the notorious old Honda main relay problem.

Did they replace the main relay, it is a typical problem in this vintage Honda.