Honda CRV


The book with my 06 honda CRV says anti-freeze is good for ten years, does this sound right or is it a misprint? Thanks in advance


First of all, congratulations and THANK YOU for reading the owner’s manual. I wish we could get everyone to do that.

I seriously doubt it’s a misprint. The Honda engineers must have a lot of confidence in the anti-freeze they specify for new vehicles. You could replace it before the recommended time if you choose, but you don’t have to.


I also congratulate you on spending the time to read the Owner’s Manual. So many of the questions on this board are the result of NOT reading it, that it is really nice to hear a question that resulted from someone actually reading (and questioning) the information in the manual.

Regarding the anti-freeze, I agree that it will function very nicely for 10 years in terms of preventing your cooling system from either freezing up or boiling over. What I find difficult to accept is that the rust inhibitors in the anti-freeze are good for 10 years. I replace my coolant/anti-freeze every 30,000 miles, and I consider this to be relatively cheap insurance for continued operation of the vehicle.

 Very good.  I suspect we would not see at least 25% of the questions we see if everyone read their owner's manual. 

 No, not a misprint and it is right. However as I recall it does depend on the cooling system remaining sealed and having the original type coolant installed.  All bets are off if it develops a leak or if someone refills or tops it off with any other type of coolant.  It depends on keep O? out and the special coolant they used.


At least you read the manual!
It’s not a misprint and it’s also utter stupidity IMHO. Coolant should be flushed on regular basis. Of course they will say leave it in there; by the time coolant related problems develop you’ll be out of warranty and their hands are clean.

Many car makers also recommend waiting a 100k, or never, to change trans fluid. Also stupid.

The Honda engineers also recommend not checking CRV valve adjustment on solid lifters for 100k miles plus.
This is also, putting it politely, moronic. Valve adjustment should be checked at least every 30k miles on a mechanical lifter engine, no matter who makes it.
The ones who luck out on the bad side are the ones having to pay for expensive engine work.

There is one reason why Honda, and many others, make these kind of recommendations. It’s a sales tool by making their cars appear to be more “maintenance free”.


What I find difficult to accept is that the rust inhibitors in the anti-freeze are good for 10 years.

If the engine is aluminum (no cast iron liners) and the radiator is copper/plastic, what’s in there to rust? Does aluminum corrode and are there inhibitors for that? (I’m just speculating here… I have no idea how the Honda engine is built… most likely aluminum block)