Antifreeze replacement

I have a 2003 Honda Civic with almost 60,000 miles. I have never had the antifreeze replaced or system flushed. When is it recommended that this service take place and will it improve the heat output?

Your owner’s manual or service schedule will give you this information most accurately. For myself, I think that every three years is about right.

Agree; at 7 years and the mileage you’re at, I would say you are a few years overdue. The ownwer’s manual may say 7 years or 60,000 miles, but most of us recommend more frequent chnages.

Honda Motor Company of North America recommends that the coolant service be performed at 120,000 miles for your vehicle. But that’s a little too long in my book. If the service has never been performed, now would be the time to do it. Then you’ll good for another 60,000 miles.

Will it improve the heat output? It could if there’s air trapped in the cooling system.


I personally feel that this item is more time related and 6-7 years is too long. 3-4 years seems more reasonable. Problems caused by poor cooling system maintenance usually occur after warranty runs out. I’m skeptical enough to feel that figures into the bean counter’s high maintenance interval recommendations.

A good strategy would be to do it at 1/2 the timing belt interval. For your car that’s probably 45,000 miles.
Then, when the belt is changed at 90,000 get a new waterpump, coolant, radiator cap and thermostat.