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Honda CRV Brake Lite on dash stays on goes off

By 2001 CRV has 118,000. Roughly 2 years ago the brake light came on when I stared the car, only in the winter. After a few to 10 or so miles it went off. Repeats each morning. Now it is doing that in the heat of summer. It’s on when I start the car and goes off after 10 miles or so. Brakes are working fine. I replaced the fluid reservoir cap/sensor

Is this the light that indicated the foot brake is on, or the hand brake. Hand brakes have a sw. that can get stuck. I’d check that first.

Did you check the brake fluid level and bring it up to the max line?

hey bill, there is a service bulletin on this problem, i don’t have it at hand but my local honda dealer printed a copy of it for me. saved me having to subscribe to the NHTSA site which ought to be free since it’s our gov. agency, no? i don’t remember what the procedure was but it was doable by the average owner.