2002 Honda Accord brake warning light not turning off

This problem began with the brake warning light coming on during turns (left or right), after turn light would go off. Shortly after, the light came back on while climbing a hill and turned off at the top of the hill. At the next stoplight the light turned back on while I accelerated from a stop, now it stays on all the time unless I apply the brake hard. Things I checked; the E-brake is not engaged, the brake fluid level is at the max, the brake peddle has normal travel while decompressing. any ideas why my brake warning light stays on?

Your car and every other car has TWO brake systems, usually split front and rear. If one fails, the other remains to allow you to stop the car…They are interconnected through a “proportioning valve”. This valve has a built-in switch that triggers the dash “Brake” light if it detects a big difference in pressure between the two systems. See if you can find this valve (follow the brake lines from the master cylinder, they will lead to it) and check the connection and the wire leading to this switch…If that checks out, I would have a pro take a look at your brakes. It could be several things. Does this car have ABS? That complicates things…Rear drum brakes with self-adjusters? Another likely suspect…And make sure that little float switch built into your master cylinder cap is working properly…

They used to use proportioning valve switches. They don’t anymore, probably because the ABS controller handles “brake force distribution” now. The OP’s car only has a brake fluid level float switch and a parking brake applied switch.

Are you sure that the level is at max? You wouldn’t be the first that mistook stains on the reservoir for the actual level. Take the cap off and look inside.

I double checked the brake fluid level, it is at max, if I understand correctly that rules out a leak and over worn brake pads. I have not investigated the valves and switch yet but will do so and report back.

That’s odd, because your description of when the light comes on is very much the classic symptom of low brake fluid. Turns and going up hill cause the fluid to move away from the float. Going down hill and sudden stops causes the fluid to move towards the float. I had a friend with the same issue and he too insisted that it was full. I went and looked at it. It was below the min mark. He was reading it wrong. We added some brake fluid, and the light went away.
If the fluid isn’t up against the fill cap, add a little and see what happens.

Accords got a major make-over in 2003…including ABS…ABS was not standard in 2002. Don’t rule out a proportioning valve…

Okay, I can and will rule out this 2002 Accord having any brake warning light triggered by a proportioning valve. I’d love to see you prove otherwise.

going off of what caddyman suggested, I took a closer look at the master cylinder cap, replace it and the light went off, must have been a float switch malfunction. thanks to all that help me with this problem.