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Honda CR-V Starting Problems

I have a 2002 CR-V, which has recently developed intermittent starting issues. If you need to have a couple of journeys in quick succession - i.e filling up for petrol then doing the food shopping, it will not start again for the second journey until there has been at least a 30 minute gap. The engine will turnover, but not kick in, although once started it runs fine. Occasionally when pulling up at lights when this problem has occurred, the accelerator drops completely and you have to rescue it from stalling. Also, when accelerating, it has developed flat spots. A couple of people have had it on their diagnostics equipment the first telling me it was one of the Hego sensors, the other disagreeing with this and telling me it is the fuel filter, although I never let it run on less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. As I’m female and live on my own, and winter is rapidly approaching, I’d rather not be stranded on my own waiting for the engine to decide to start again! Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any ideas of what this problem may be? Thank you everyone for your help.

Have the fuel injectors checked for leakage. It sounds as if the engine is flooded with gas while the car is turned off after running. You would only have trouble if you try to start it up soon after you turned it off. Otherwise the gas would drain off and the car would start just fine. It also would explain the iding problems.

I believe the fuel filter on this car is within the fuel pump and not replaceable separate from the pump itself so i’d doubt the filter.

Brilliant -thanks very much, at least gives me something to go on, everyone else doesn’t really know where to start!

Fantastic - thank you, gives me something I should be able to rule out at least!