Honda CR-V dies

I have had this problem intermittently for the last 3 months. It has happened several times in the last couple weeks. While I am driving along, (speed doesn’t seem to matter) the car will die. When I look at the dash board guages, the rmp’s read zero, and sometimes the speed will even read zero. All the dash lights are out, as if it is turned off. The last time it happened, It would not restart for a couple minutes, and 8 or 10 tries, it would start and immediately die. It finally started, and we drove it home and there it sits. We had it in for service a week ago, and told them about the problem, they changed the fuel filter, but that was BEFORE this latest episode.

One possibility is a short in the ignition swith. I would NOT think a Fuel Filter to be the problem. Once clogged they usually don’t UNCLOG.