Honda CR-V Bad Gas Mileage



Just acquired my mother’s 2000 Honda CR-V, the first generation model, with about 68,500 miles. Runs like a top, plowed through the blizzard of Feb 2010 without a complaint. After two tanks of gas, suburban commuting use, I am getting around 16+/- MPG, WAY below the averages edmunds and lots of owner report. I know it could use a 60k mile maintenance, inc. plugs, etc., which I will get from my long-time top-flight mechanic. Is there anything else I should look at that might account for the bad mileage?


You could try to change the weather! Many posters here report poor gas mileage lately because of the cold and snowy weather, especially with hybrid cars.

The CRV is an excellent vehicle, my neighbor’s wife had that model for 10 years and as a teacher it never prevented her from getting to work on time in any weather.

Yes, if your mother has not kept up with the maintenance, you will need a timing belt, tensioner, water pump, probably new spark plugs and a few other odds and ends, such as hoses, serpentine belt. Read your owner’s manual what exctly the car needs, don’t go what the dealer recommends. Don’t go to the dealer for all this since it wil be very expensive.

The automatic transmission fluid should also be DRAINED and refilled. Go to a good independent transmision shop for that or let your mechanic do this.

If all the above recommendations seem excessive, keep in mind I’m assuming that none of these has been done yet and you will want to drive the car another 68,000 miles trouble-free, which it is certainly capable of doing!!!


If it has the original thermostat you might try changing that. If the thermostat is stuck partially open it can result in lowered fuel mileage.



Are your tires properly inflated?


Don’t check your gas mileage in the winter on any car. It will only upset you.