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Bad mileage in 2013 Honda CR-V

When we 1st got this SUV, mileage was 32 highway, 28 city, now with 8000 miles 22 average for both. Dealer can’t find any problems. any ideas why this is happening?

Without knowing the vehicle’s maintenance history in detail, it is difficult to say exactly what the cause might be, but here are some possibilities that might not have been checked-out at the dealership. The problem could be a combination of several factors, such as:

A cooling system thermostat that is stuck in the open position.
Low tire pressure
Use of the wrong viscosity motor oil
Change in driving style, such as use of drive-up windows
Carrying around too much unnecessary cargo on a regular basis
Dragging brakes
Lax maintenance

Edited to add:
Since I just noticed that this vehicle is a 2013 model, maintenance should not be a factor!

How are you computing your mileage? Are you recording miles per tank of gas and dividing it by the number of gallons at your next fill-up or are you relying on the trip computer in the vehicle?

The EPA estimate for this vehicle is 22 mpg city / 30 mpg highway, so your statement that you were getting 28 mpg city to start with sounds a bit high…I have an older CRV with a smaller engine, and I don’t get 28 mpg city even with the smaller engine…

Not saying you don’t have a problem now, but you should be getting a combined 28 mpg or so, in my estmation…

U got 32mpg on hwy trips at one time? And now get 22mpg on hwy trips? Not sure if I believe u. Top off tank. Drive 100miles on hwy and top off tank again. Do it right now. Than let me know what ur mileage is. U can do this in 3-4 hrs.

Just to echo everyone’s thoughts. Be sure and compute your mileage over time taking into account, temperature and tire air pressure, two big neglected areas along with driving habits. Are you getting use to it and jumping on it a little ; maybe leaving it in a lower gear. Otherwise, wait till warmer weather, the same as when you bought it to compare. I refuse to check mileage in cold weather ( excessive idling) because of related factors.

all excellent comments. some more thimgs that could reduce economy; are you carrying more weight (people or things)? do you drive in snow (lower speed could mean lower gear)? did anybody accidently press the “econ” button on the dash, putting it in sport mode? you might also ask your dealer to check the ethanol concentration of your fuel, don’t get me started on ethanol…

Ethanol, ethanol, ethanol.

My 2012 CRV always averaged 29 in mixed driving. 22 does seem very low for this. I am a somewhat of an aggressive driver too.

This is a 2013, if you got it in the summer or spring the mileage would have been much better than in the winter.