Honda civic wheels

hello i have a 1996 honda civic cx hatchback. the question is can i take off the 13’’ wheels and install honda 14’’ wheels without affecting anything?

Ask a tire store. Really!

around here they will tell you anything!and the reason for my asking is because of the computer and the tire size might mess with the distance speed sensor if so equipped .

Are the tires on the 14" the correct size tire for the Civic? Check out to see. Are the wheels off a Civic, or an Accord.

well i havent bought tires or rims yet i still have the 13’’ old junk tires and origional rims on the car i have a hatchback and there arent many options for tires in 13’’ i dont know if the computer and the tire size might mess with the distance speed sensor if so equipped

sure you can.just make sure the wheel have the same offset so its easy on the bearings and the tires fit without rubbing the fenders when turning. the tire and wheel shop should be able to help you with this.i use to work at one.

right … but its not the offset or bearings im worried about as much as the vehicle computer. does this honda have a distance speed sensor? if it does then tire height could play hell on the distance speed sensor and computer

There were Honda factory (OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer) 14" wheels made. You may find some at a salvage yard, or a hubcap store. Or, order online:

If you put on wider tires, with shorter sidewalls, the total tire diameter will remain about the same as with 13" wheels.

Generally when switching to a larger wheel, the tyres used are a different shape. That is the distance from the wheel to the road is less maintaining about the same circumference and not causing much if any change in odometer or speedometer results. However while many drivers seem to like that gangster look, it has a downside that many people don’t think about until it is too late. Potholes suddenly become far more likely to damage the tyre, wheel or suspension parts.

yes and thats what im thinking of doing. like heres an example the dunlop sp40 tire (13’’) is 22.7’‘over all diameter and 928 revs per mile. high i think its a 175 70 r 13 now the 14’‘tire is175 65 r 14 and is 23’'over all diameter ,and 913 revs per mile

I guess the real question that nobody is asking is “why”?

why ? because of better tire selection and no waiting for tire places to order them

As the OP said and anyone that has shopped for 13" tires knows. BYW, there are OEM 15" wheels for later Honda Civics that will fit and 195 50 15" tires are a perfect replacement, same outside diameter, and there is a very good selection of high performance and ultra high performance tires in that size.


As Keith said, there are 15" wheels for LATER model Civics, and, that’s the rub, or, could be (rub, I mean). Your model year Civic (1996) may not have wheelwell clearance for those 15" tires/wheels.
Your tire diameter figures are good (I did the math). The rolling difference between your proposed tire sizes are only 2% difference. Your speedometer difference would be 2%. So, if you were driving 100 mph indicated on the speedometer, you would actually be driving 102 mph.
If you change all 4 wheels, there shouldn’t be a problem with the ABS, nor, traction control. It’s when two tires are a different diameter from the other two tires that there could be a problem with the ABS and traction control (AWD or 4WD).

wow! you sound like a technician! well my aproach is 14’‘stock steel or alloy spoke factory honda rim,with a tire thats real close to the same height,(13’’ are 21.25 high and if i can find a 14’’ thats say 20.75 or 21.75 high)like say +or- .5 (1/2 ‘’)of the 13’’ wheels . thank you for your input

The 196 60 15 have the same outside diameter as the 175 70 13. The are about 3/4" wider but they should not rub on his model car. The poster could use a rim with a slight offset to make sure that they don’t rub.

yup you are right! but just to be sure im gonna go 195 60 or 65 14 just to be sure but in the mean time im gonna look at honda 15’’ wheels and im gonna look at for tires thank you for your great advice i’ll keep you posted.

Yes . . . we did exactly that last Summer for our '95, got a great deal from Tire Rack for a combo, they said 13 inch was hard to match up. We found no difference whatsoever, the 14s look great. Rocketman