Honda Civic Stumper:

Local Honda dealership says they’ve never heard of this: Yesterday I started my 2004 Civic, put it in DRIVE and pressed on the gas. The car went in REVERSE and the brakes were inoperable. Also the warning lights for battery and oil came on. Went from Park to Drive 3 times and this continued to happen. Finally restarted the car and it was okay. 3 more starts since and it seems okay.

I’d have the computer(s) checked out, they may need ‘flashing’. Did a DEL light come on? Regardless, have the OBD11 scanned.

If this happens again and you are not prepared for it to happen you may injure or perhaps (God forbid) kill someone.

This is especially apparent in busy mall parking lots.

Have the dealer remove the center console and inspect the transmission linkage. It could be the linkage at the transmission end but I think its more likely at the shift lever instead. It’s either the linkage or your engine was running backwards.