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2003 Honda civic brake issue?

I have a 2003 Honda civic that was recently wrecked by my husband :expressionless: After the wreck my car was pulling to the right and my steering wheel had to be held firmly to the left My step dad said my sway bar linkage on one side had broke but I would be fine to drive it still. Well today I notice a significant sway in my front wheels both sides. I pulled over and noticed the wheel at a complete stop was no longer turned towards the left but sitting normal. When I tried to pull out of the gas station it was hard to turn left, and I could feel and hear a noise in the wheels. Continued to try and drive to make it home and the car pulled to the left so hard and completely stopped. No longer moving forward. Reverse was still working I was able to reverse enough to manage to turn the wheel enough to put it back in drive and continue to make my way home. Every light I stopped at proceeding to go the car would pull to the left come to a complete stop not move and as long as I reversed I could eventually get it to go forward. What COULD this be? I was told the linkage, ball joint or tie rod? Any ideas ? Please I am completely in the dark. My wheel is turning in and coming to stop now that it is light outside I can see

Stop driving a damaged vehicle and get it checked out by a competent body/collision shop. There are too many things that could go wrong to diagnose online, and your safety isn’t worth the risk.

If you have insurance, this kind of thing is what it is for.

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Your stepfather is wrong. This vehicle is unsafe to drive.


Not going to sugar coat this. Your step dad is an idiot-the vehicle is not safe to drive period.


Not going to sugar coat this. Your step dad is an idiot-the vehicle is not safe to drive period. I concur.

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I can’t believe what I’m looking at! By your description you obviously have severe suspension and steering linkage damage far beyond a broken sway bar link. It also appears you are missing two of your four lug nuts with a big chunk of alloy broken out of your rim. Do not attempt to drive this car!


The only driving you should do with this car is to back it out of the garage so the tow driver can hook it up easier.

With the wheels pointing in different directions…there is major suspension damage and you could lose a wheel at 70mph down the highway.

Call your regular mechanic and get a referal to his prefered chassis and suspension shop.

And if your father in law tells you he will pack your parachute…don’t get on the plane!!!



Thank you everyone for your responses. I had a mobile mechanic come out & my passenger outer tie rod end came apart. Causing the wheel to turn inward

You need far more than a tie rod end

If you have comprehensive insurance, I suggest you use it, and get the car properly repaired


Accidents happen, don’t blame hubby. At least not too much … lol … Seriously, this kind of thing happens all the time by the reports we get here. It’s just another minor traffic accident. Pointless for you to cast blame. Let your insurance company do that, that’s their job.

Instead focus your own energy and resources on getting what’s broken fixed. Hopefully your mobile mechanic is right and only the tie rod was affected. But given the photo you post, unlikely. Struts, strut bearings, sway bar and associated linkages, steering components, and front end alignment all need to be carefully checked by a shop with a lift and an experienced mechanic before you should consider this car safe enough to consider to drive.

Don’t turn a minor problem into a major one.